About Work

"Dong-Ping Wong designs a city in 15 minutes", Design Indaba, February 27 2019

"Nobody Asked for This", College of Architecture and Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology, October 29 2018

"Salon Series: Public Space" w/ Koray Duman, Tei Carpenter, Peterson Rich Office, New York, October 25 2018

RISD School of Architecture Lecture, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, November 30 2017

Cornell School of Architecture Lecture, Cornell AAP, New York, September 7 2017

"Youth Culture and the Next Era in Design" moderated by Rosanne Somerson w/ Virgil Abloh, Philippe Malouin, Misha Kahn, Design Miami, Miami, December 2 2016

"Do Rad Shit Together", AIGA Houston Design Week, Houston, September 25 2015

"Filtering 1M Gallons of River Water a Day", New York Sunworks Sustainability Youth Conference, New York, June 12 2015

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"Reimagining Urban Landscapes", PSFK 2015, New York, May 2015

"New Productivity", World Innovation Summit, New York, September 28 2014

"Doing Rad Shit When Nobody Asked You to Do Rad Shit", Core 77 Conference, Brooklyn, June 19 2014

"Crowdfunding Civic Project", The Brian Lehrer Show, July 11, 2013

"Family + POOL", Norwegian Design Council, Oslo, June 5 2013

"Tile by Tile", Kickstarter Campaign, Summer 2013

"NYC + POOL", Pitching the City, New York, 2013

"Productive Architecture", TedX Dumbo, New York, January 30 2013

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"+ POOL", Kickstarter Campaign, Summer 2011

"+ POOL", Feast Conference, New York, 2010