About Work

A Residential Block producing more than 100% of the project’s energy demand


Dallas Peaks
Dallas, TX

“I like to sit in the park and listen to the wind turbines whistle their sweet mechanic melody. What can I say, I’m a poet!”

Program: Residential
Client: Design Trust for Public Space
Size: 600,000sf
Team: Oana Stanescu,
Dong-Ping Wong
Year: 2009

Dallas Peaks is a high-density residential project reinvents the relationship between housing and the city, transforming a typology of wasteful consumption into a new model for ecological productivity.By splitting a conventional block into a series of individual peaks, the average depth of floorplates is cut in half, taking advantage of natural lighting and ventilation and immediately reducing the building’s energy demand. The Peaks are positioned to maximize their productive capacities, taking advantage of the unobstructed site to harness solar and wind energy. Shadowing is minimized on the south-facing facades to provide for optimal photovoltaics. The sloped edges of the peaks act as wind-accelerating ridges for wind turbines. The project establishes a new model for metropolitan building that is as much infrastructure as it is residence.