About Work

Some new street tents for a festival about the city.


New York, NY

Program: Streetfair Tents
Client: New Museum & Storefront for Art and Architecture
Size: 2,000 ft2
Team: Keshet Rosenblum, Oana Stanescu, Dong-Ping Wong
Collaborators: The Office of Playlab, Buro Happold, Q&A Productions, Kellam Clark Fabricators
Status: Completed
Year: 2010

“The Worms”, modular accordion forms, skinned in bright, lightweight, waterproof rip-stop nylon that is patterned and reinforced to provide flexibility in use and singularity in shape, take the most functional aspects of the typical street fair tent and advance them, making the product moreadaptable, sculptural, and interactive, accommodating a wider and more engaging variety of programs. Simultaneously distinct, familiar, and endlessly adaptable, “The Worms” will physically engage the neighborhood, buildings, and streets to form new spaces for gathering, eating, discover-ing, and playing. Built from common and inexpensive materials, these new tent typologies are designed to be as efficient in cost and assembly as the ubiquitous white farmer’s market tent, while catalyzingactivitiesand events not typically found in street festivals.